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Rotimi – What To Do [Mp3 Download]

New music song by Rotimi – What To Do [Mp3

singer romiti drops new song that has been shared topping the chats on Facebook and many social media. 
this song named what to do released few hours after his piblic announce on Facebook page, download mp3 Rotimi – What To Do [Mp3
Right Now Sound
Baby, baby, yeah (Sound)
[Verse 1]
Brand new Patek, I ain’t never on time (Time)
You seen me and read my mind (My mind)
Body right, you ain’t never lie (Never lie, no!)
Tryna sign on the bottom line (Ooh)
Who’s payin’ your rent? I’ll pay for it (Pay)
You know you ain’t gotta say for it (Sheesh)
Dinner tonight, I’ll stay for it (Stay)
Girl, you know I gotta taste for it all
Oh, oh
I can put you on a flight when you need me (Need)
Got you opened wide when you see me (See)
Let it rinse and repeat


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